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The Drift Muscle

Keeping it real in JDM Land, awesome street style, low budget cars!


Dai Yoshihara, Sr. Consistent

It’s just awesome how he is able to be so smooth with his driving when leading and even when chasing, it doesn’t seem like the car is ever unsettled really, or in a weird situation. Mike Kojima and the guys really stepped it up!

Drifting…? …BOOM!

Shoutrouge? Done deal, sit back relax and enjoy some grassroots sliding. All in the name of fun!

Wasting time, sitting around, getting nothing done.

BOOM! Jeremy Lowe. Somebody’s actually doing something with an FC and not dropping in another V8.

I like some of the shots in this video ’cause it really shows some great technique will all those close up shots of the wheel spin and the great sound that comes across.

Now, lets break it down and enjoy some serious drift action. Wreck ‘Em! A way of life.Hearing these little ‘rollas screaming through this section of the course is great. Takes me back to the days of watching some drifting videos before going out to drift. This is the type of video that gets me in the mood to get raunchy and burn some rubber. IDGAF!