If you don’t know, now you know!

This video is worth the 30 minutes of your life that you spend watching this, trust. Finally, after 2+ years of hoping this video will come out and buying stickers to fund their nationwide tour, it’s been released. A little shorted than I anticipated, but not bad at all. Who can complain about some quick little interviews and some awesome drifting in HD.



Wasting time, sitting around, getting nothing done.

BOOM! Jeremy Lowe. Somebody’s actually doing something with an FC and not dropping in another V8.

I like some of the shots in this video ’cause it really shows some great technique will all those close up shots of the wheel spin and the great sound that comes across.

Now, lets break it down and enjoy some serious drift action. Wreck ‘Em! A way of life.Hearing these little ‘rollas screaming through this section of the course is great. Takes me back to the days of watching some drifting videos before going out to drift. This is the type of video that gets me in the mood to get raunchy and burn some rubber. IDGAF!

Keep Drifting Fun, Alive, and Awesome(FTW)

Been waiting 2+ years for this damn film to come out. And now, they released what I hope is the last teaser.(Seriously, there must’ve been like 5)

And to lighten the mood a bit(yea right, drifting is always strictly business :p) here’s Mike Essa throwing it down at Road Atlanta.

But finally, I’ll finish this post with something that will someday be sort of a common happening here at the VC  fairgrounds, or any local venue for that matter. Nor-Cal boys are killing it!(IDGAF status:)

2012… Drifting….. A year to remember???

So the off season was a bit less eventful than years past. Well except for the new FR-S/GT-86/BRZ part but w/e, let that simmer with the fan boys…. NO!!!! So far, I’m loving Yoshioka’s 2012 build, and also Ken Gushi’s. But the one I am most excited about is Orido’s. That thing is a beast and I’m just hoping he doesn’t crash.lol.

Mean while, Mike Kojima seems to be stepping up his involvement with S13 chassis ❤

Last year was probably the best showing that him and his crew have put on. Dai drove so comfortably in that car and the grip that car had was almost unreal. This year though, it seems like Falken has some bigger plans. Why you ask??? Well, Walker Wilkerson was on fire last year, but an SR20 can only take you so far. He drops in a V8, upgrades his rear knuckles and does a few tweaks with the chassis, and viola, you have a duplicate of the Discount Tire S13 with a slightly different drift style set-up. Not to mention, today(March 29th) Mike Kojima, Dai Yoshihara aaannnndddddd Walker Wilkerson have a nice lil’ testing day at the Balcony at WSIR. Hmmmmm… Mike, I’M JEALOUS!!!

Anywho, here are some pics and an excelent clip of some of the new theories/ventures being put to the test at the track.


Quickie, 86 Fanboy-ism


😛 just watch. Nice angle.






Need to edit 😦

The drift season is coming.

Keep it off the streets… or you can be a bad ass. This took me back to the old days, when me and my friends would go out at 3a.m. to hit the streets. Ontario is so big and desolate in some places that we only got caught once.

Hopefully this video comes out soon. Been anticipating this since Formula D Rd. 1 2011. They always make awesome trailers but the DVD never materializes. They’re probably busy trying to make money though, oh well.

Now this is a car, and the story he tells are only those of a true enthusiast. He might or might not do all the dirty grimy work but this guy knows what goes into his projects, including this one. All of the work done to this car reminds me of a 240z build. You never know what you’re getting into until you decided to tear into it, or you pretty much have to restore it because nothing on it works. But once they are done it is all worth it. The attitude these older Japanese Sports Cars give is humbling, whether its a work in progress or fully restored, they are something you can only fully understand by going for a long and pointless drive in.

9K Racing’s Scoop on the 787B

9K Racing’s Scoop on the 787B

So I just gotta post this because: One, it’s a post on the most bad-ass rotary ever, and Two, it’s the most bad-ass rotary ever. That’s it!!! Nobody can say there is another rotary powered car that is more amazing than this shit, you might be able to put up a good argument for one to take the title, but honestly, majority rules, and any rotor head will tell you, the 787B is the greatest rotary powered vehicle in existence.