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Lets get teary-eyed

Sucks that here in Ventura County only people with deep pockets are able to purse motorsports. Well, unless you’re into motorcross or something, which isn’t crazy expensive like those sprint cars and just as accessible.

How are we supposed to keep drifting off the streets???


Tear S#%@ UP!

Getting raunchy on the streets of LA. I wish I had the balls to get out there and do it like these guys, but I’ve invested too much into my car to have it taken away if I was to get caught. There’s nothing like street drifting. Oh and be sure to check out their channel for more street action.



Blah!!! If you’re in the mood for some Old School racing, check out these clips of the 1991 24 Hueres du Mans. The year that the rotary powered 787B took the cake.

(Stupid wordpress wont let me embed the video. WHY!?!?!?)