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OMG @ 0:38

Daigo Saito, bringing it! I can’t get used to that big Sunoco decal on a D1 drift car though.


Danny George Throwin’ it Down

Take this kid to school ’cause he needs to teach his pupils a lesson. After getting kicked out for being too cool for school, Danny George is making a special appearance at ‘The School of Formula Shit’, and will be teaching students the way of the hooning and how to throw down gangster angle and doing a bit of ‘dirt dropping’.

That’s right, dirt dropping. Haven’t hear that phrase in a while have ya’.

Behind the scenes, looking like Drift Tengoku

Formula Shit is what people are calling this series these days. Ha! Honestly, I’d rather have this kind of structured judging than the type of judging that went on with D1GP back in 2006.

We have progressed quite a bit and overall, it’s looking to be more and more fair for everyone. Sure, there may seem to be some biased decisions but if you really hear it from the people that made the calls or the drivers that were involved, nowadays they all usually agree.

It’s not like before where Rhys Millen was getting all antsy pants when he lost, because he knew he really did out-drive his competitor but somehow he’d lose.

Keep at it Ryan and Jim, definitely moving the sport forward and I hope to one day be on the starting line!

Dai Yoshihara, Sr. Consistent

It’s just awesome how he is able to be so smooth with his driving when leading and even when chasing, it doesn’t seem like the car is ever unsettled really, or in a weird situation. Mike Kojima and the guys really stepped it up!