It’s been a while. And I still got nothing…

Turns out that not having money, to then go buy parts with, is really boring. This week I wasn’t able to make any improvements on it(not that you would know since I don’t post too often). But here goes some stuff that I’ve done to my car while it’s down for the count(waiting on funds for a standalone).



So after investing into a pair of 8″ subs I realized that I actually need an amp to drive them. So, after doing some research, I found this amp would suit my needs. It is a discontinued item and I’d be hard-pressed to find something that is similar in size and power output by a reputable brand. Also, it was only $44 shipped.


Also, a buddy of mine ended up hooking me up with a guy that was selling some steering rack spacers. Made by Super Now, my car is legitimately “JDM tight yo!”




And here are the subs I got. I bought ’em off a fellow RX7Club member for $80. I think these are also disco’ but great quality. Plus, who could pass up a set of subs that will actually fit in the factory rear speaker locations! 




And here it is bolted on. Fits so snug, like they’re meant to be.




Made some quick brackets out of angled aluminum. Used some rivets and self tapping soft mount screws to bolt in place. Small, compact, and completely out of sight once I put the interior back.




Since I often drive to strange locals where trouble might be brewing, I thought of the idea of covering up the subs so the brand name couldn’t be seen. So viola, I went with a nice contrasting paisley bandanna.




And here is where I mounted the mid’s. Nice and tucked, although I wasn’t too sure how well this would work since they would be mounted in such a weird and confined space.




I really like how this is turning out. I will take more pics of the entire stereo set up I have, although there wont be much to see since it’s all covered up. Clean and simple, but very effective. 


I still need to work out some of the little bugs since I ended up using the wrong size wire going to the subs and also need to install some sound deadening material in the rear sub towers to direct the sound and really make them move the air inside your




And this is where I need to draw the line. I found these at PepBoys and could not pass them up at $6.99. Hopefully they will help my mid range-wide frequency 6.5″ speakers channel the noise a little better towards the front of the car. 


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