The drift season is coming.

Keep it off the streets… or you can be a bad ass. This took me back to the old days, when me and my friends would go out at 3a.m. to hit the streets. Ontario is so big and desolate in some places that we only got caught once.

Hopefully this video comes out soon. Been anticipating this since Formula D Rd. 1 2011. They always make awesome trailers but the DVD never materializes. They’re probably busy trying to make money though, oh well.

Now this is a car, and the story he tells are only those of a true enthusiast. He might or might not do all the dirty grimy work but this guy knows what goes into his projects, including this one. All of the work done to this car reminds me of a 240z build. You never know what you’re getting into until you decided to tear into it, or you pretty much have to restore it because nothing on it works. But once they are done it is all worth it. The attitude these older Japanese Sports Cars give is humbling, whether its a work in progress or fully restored, they are something you can only fully understand by going for a long and pointless drive in.

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