I’m thinking I’ll start with SOPA

Sucks that this little creation of a nightmare is getting any kind of traction at the house, I remember thinking a few months ago that this is so stupid and twisted that any politician could readily see that the whole “Act” is just bad news and I guess I was wrong. So lets post this video in every corner of the internet please because we all can’t afford $20 movies, but I’ll be happy to get me some Netflix.

Let’s move on to these lunatics. This trailer had me wanting more, but I didn’t watch it again because… well, I don’t know, I guess I knew the next video would be worth the wait.

And damn, it was. I watched it, stopped half way and started over. Lets just say I got lost in the action and had to recuperate my busted brain, and then braced myself to try to understand what was actually going on in this video.

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