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The drift season is coming.

Keep it off the streets… or you can be a bad ass. This took me back to the old days, when me and my friends would go out at 3a.m. to hit the streets. Ontario is so big and desolate in some places that we only got caught once.

Hopefully this video comes out soon. Been anticipating this since Formula D Rd. 1 2011. They always make awesome trailers but the DVD never materializes. They’re probably busy trying to make money though, oh well.

Now this is a car, and the story he tells are only those of a true enthusiast. He might or might not do all the dirty grimy work but this guy knows what goes into his projects, including this one. All of the work done to this car reminds me of a 240z build. You never know what you’re getting into until you decided to tear into it, or you pretty much have to restore it because nothing on it works. But once they are done it is all worth it. The attitude these older Japanese Sports Cars give is humbling, whether its a work in progress or fully restored, they are something you can only fully understand by going for a long and pointless drive in.


9K Racing’s Scoop on the 787B

9K Racing’s Scoop on the 787B

So I just gotta post this because: One, it’s a post on the most bad-ass rotary ever, and Two, it’s the most bad-ass rotary ever. That’s it!!! Nobody can say there is another rotary powered car that is more amazing than this shit, you might be able to put up a good argument for one to take the title, but honestly, majority rules, and any rotor head will tell you, the 787B is the greatest rotary powered vehicle in existence.

Shinny and Flexi


This is awesome. Making it a post for two reasons: 1) To easily reference it, 2) To show you how to make flexible fiberglass. I’m going to have to use this when I make my fender flares.



Throwing this in as a bonus because the style in which this video was filmed reminds me of Will Roegge.

I’m thinking I’ll start with SOPA

Sucks that this little creation of a nightmare is getting any kind of traction at the house, I remember thinking a few months ago that this is so stupid and twisted that any politician could readily see that the whole “Act” is just bad news and I guess I was wrong. So lets post this video in every corner of the internet please because we all can’t afford $20 movies, but I’ll be happy to get me some Netflix.

Let’s move on to these lunatics. This trailer had me wanting more, but I didn’t watch it again because… well, I don’t know, I guess I knew the next video would be worth the wait.

And damn, it was. I watched it, stopped half way and started over. Lets just say I got lost in the action and had to recuperate my busted brain, and then braced myself to try to understand what was actually going on in this video.

Pro-Practice L0V3

It’s always fun to see professionals take a lighter approach at drifting and especially when it’s in their personal missile cars, or even daily drivers. Gotta love the love taps too.

dA knèu 86

Looks really stable, no big smoke… yet, probably just taking it easy ’till they do the demo. lol And i gotta say I do like the livery, reminds me of some of the Spirits vehicles. I hope Hibino drives like a baaS though.

Videos to remember

Orido at Ebius Touge

I had no idea who these two idiots were or that this is actually at a track but man I was in awe.


Love is in the sounds

The rotary really sounded like its made for drifting, every blip or change in the throttle input from the driver is really something that a piston engine can never reproduce, so smooth yet you know that serious power is there.


My angle is sexyer that yours

Same as with the Orido video I didn’t know who this guy was, he looked skinny but damn he knew what he was doing. The way he would manji the straight was amazing to me, especially when he would reach the edges of the track.


It’s all in the feet

What can i say about this one, nothing. I’ll try to describe what i felt when i was younger but you have to watch over a hundred times to really see what the 86 is about. Low power but awesome balance between the engine and suspension. Really shows that when driving an 86 you just go for it, let the cars mass fly and concentrate on your feet.