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Never Give up!!!

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From: Ruddy Izquierdo
Sent: Tue, May 24, 2011 11:02:29 PM
Subject: A bit of a long shot…(please take a minute to read)

I am emailing you for one simple reason, there are no “racing” venues for drag racers or other participants of automotive motorsports, other than dirt circle track racing, here in Ventura County. I, personally, am into drifting, it is not an easy sport, and it is also a bit more expensive than drag racing in some cases, but it is something I love and hope to do for as long as I enjoy it. I recently went to a drift event that was held in Willow Springs International Raceway and I had a blast, the only problem is that I had to drive ~2 hours and spent over $100 in gas alone. I am not saying that I want to blame the city/county for my expenses but what I am coming to you for is a proposition. 

There are many people here in the 805 area that are very interested in participating in a event like the one I want to put together, many of which may take to the streets for such practices simply because we are looking at spending about $200-250 for a single event, and it is very easy to do so if the place one would go to for such activities is down the street and the pro’s outweigh the con’s of being caught. 

I know that that your program is about helping educate kids/teens about how one can make hobbies that are of good nature and maybe also productive and fun, I myself alway find that anything with cars will keep me interested and it has kept me out of trouble many times. In fact, I recently realized that part of the reason that I always strive to make my car better is because I was once a young teen and I would often see some vehicles that would get me to think, “I hope I can have a car as cool as that one, someday,” and through my ventures in automotive I hope to have kids notice that one can do basically anything with their careers, whether it deals with cars or not.

So I will leave you with this, will your program be willing to help me and the “drifters”(and/or drag racers, auto-crossers, road-racers) of Ventura County get an event going, something that will inspire and let people enjoy the sights and sounds of a Motorsport that is truly one of a grassroots nature?

Yours Truly(Here to Party),
Rodolfo Izquierdo

PS: Here are some links to forums in which I tried to get an event rolling with very little success, despite all of the support.