Hás lo!!! Do it!!!(BB Torch die)

Sooooooo… my stupid phone died while I was trying to upload a post i had just created when I was at my grandparents apartment. Apparently you can’t upload data through 3g and take pictures at the same time with this phone.

Anyways, I finally figured out a fix to my problem on how to stop the exhaust leakage from the manifold gasket… sorta.

Some of the upper holes I had to make since this is meant for the fuel injected set up.

The gasket I ended up ordering late Wed. Jan 16??? and it arrived that Friday thanks to MSA d’-‘b[2 thumbs up].



So simple to take these apart for maintenance and stuff.

I also noiced when I was putting the carburetors back on that the linkage on them was not put on correctly so I took them apart and fixed the problem. Now it runs like a f’n champ… kinda.

So now all I need is to fix the brakes, just gotta replace the master cylinder, no biggie, and I can finally start driving this thing.

P.S. This weekend I did a theatrical performance on puns. Although it was mainly a play on words.

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